Make a decision today to live…

Going through the motions and just existing in life is dangerous!

First of all the the road of “existence ” is the most crowded and if you haven’t figured it out yet whatever the “crowd” is doing in usually incorrect. Part of truly living is having the ability to make decisions, which is becoming scarce in today’s society, on purpose, because there are people profiting from your inability to do it.

You will always be stuck just existing as long as you allow other to make decisions for you then convince you that it was your idea.

Not sure how to break this cycle of mere existence and start living, here’s are some suggestion:

  • Make the decision to make your own decisions, then tell yourself. This may sound redundant or crazy but it’s not, the first person you need to talk and listen to about change in your life is You.
  • Practice, make small decisions first. For example, when a friend asks where you want to go for dinner, most of us answer, “I don’t know where do you want to go?” Here’s a good chance to make a decision so do it, answer the question! You won’t believe how liberating it will feel plus the other person, in most cases, will appreciate both your answer and you.
  • The habit of decision making helps you grow in confidence and often becomes easier the more you do it and that’s when you start living and not just existing.
  • Make a decision, get started today!

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