Laura Dester Children’s Center Supply and Toy Drive by Tulsa JazzCom Nov 24th & Dec 1st 2017!

The Laura Dester Children’s Shelter for abused and neglected children, is currently housing 46 children 8-17 years old; 46 children who have had difficulty being placed in foster homes in Tulsa.

Many people believe the shelter closed a few years ago. It has not closed and there are no plans to close, as there is still a major need for the facility. Donations are very low and we are currently working with the shelter and others to provide the kids with their best Christmas ever!

Tulsa Jazz has 2 concerts scheduled at Soul City the first on Nov 24th featuring Bethany Grace and Gypsy Soul and the second Dec 1st that features Multiphonic Funk. Both concerts will host a Supply and Toy drive for the Laura Dester Children’s Shelter, will go from 9 pm-11 pm, and have a $10.00 cover at the door.

If you wish to make a donation prior to the concert or at anytime feel free to call the shelter at 918.728.6700 and let them know when you would like to stop by and drop off your donation. Their address is 7318 E. Pine St. Tulsa, OK 74115.

Below is a partial list of items needed for the kids at the shelter, pick as many items as you would like and bring them with you the night of the concert. There will be representatives from the shelter present to receive your generous gift and give you a heartfelt thank you for your kindness.
Needs List:
• Monetary Donations (Make checks payable to TAPC/LDCC)
• Body wash
• Shampoo
• Toothpaste
• Toothbrushes
• Deodorant (no aerosol)
• Soap
• Big tooth combs
• Hair accessories for teens
• Blue Magic Gel
• Make-up
• Bra’s
• Men’s bigger size shoes
• Men’s briefs
• Men’s and woman’s socks
• Colored pencils
• Washable markers
• Coloring Books (Disney, Superhero)
• Adult coloring books
• Calculators
• Mechanical pencils
• Fans
• Towels, wash clothes
• Twin sheets
• Big suitcases
• $5 Quick Trip gift cards
And Toys/Fun Gifts for Boys and Girls Ages 8-17

If you would like to make a monetary donation make your check out to TAPC/LDCC. TAPC stands for Tulsa Advocates for the Protection of Children,they are a non-profit organization (Tax ID# is: 73-1614729). All donations will go 100% to the residents at the shelter.

For more information call the shelter at 918.728.6700


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