“Compared to Now” CD Available Just In Time for Christmas!

A Great CD by Great Musicians, You’re Gonna Love It!

Tulsa Jazz

Get Your Copy Today and Give the Gift of Music !

“Compared To Now”, the musical creation with the combined talents of Tulsa artists Dean Demerritt, Sarah Maud, and Sean Al-Jibouri, is a must have for your music collection this Christmas!

The entire album is a fresh re-imagination of song nuggets from the past. From the updating of the classic “Compared to What” with spoken word reflective of today’s polarization to the free jazz of “Weird Nightmare”, this jazz album is like a fresh breeze.

This incredible CD is available for only $9.99 at both Josey Records Tulsa and Starship Records. You can also purchase online, in both digital and physical format, at Amazon.com and CD Baby. Pick up several copies and give the gift of music this holiday season, you’ll be glad you did!

Purchase Locations:

Local Stores:
Josey Records-1020 Rockford St. #B, Tulsa, OK 74120

Starship Records-1241 S…

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