TEG Featured Artist: Lowell Hopper

Panama City, Florida based – guitarist Lowell Hopper – soulful guitar, haunting melodies, funky bass, and beats; his music creates an audio tapestry that the listener can’t help but be drawn into. From original compositions to marvelous renditions of classics, he is a world apart. For over 30 years, Lowell has been charming audiences around the world with tender ballads, transcendent instrumentals, and hard hitting renditions of R & B and jazz classics. Lowell does what he does because he loves doing it. It is the adoration of fans and his desire to share his love of music with them that has motivated Lowell to keep performing and producing high quality music.


Lowell is a jazz guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, composer, and producer, known mostly for his soulful, funky, and jazzy guitar style. Growing up in Virginia, Lowell was introduced to music at an early age as he would often listen to his father play the acoustic guitar and sing around their house. Lowell began playing guitar at age 6, and was playing guitar and bass in RnB and blues bands in night clubs by age 15.


After college, Lowell joined the U.S. Air Force during when he was inspired to start writing and producing his own music. Throughout Lowell’s twenty-year Air Force career, he performed and recorded with numerous jazz artists in Germany, Panama Canal, and Florida. Today, he performs regularly in jazz and funk bands in northern Florida. His loyal followers span generations, and have enjoyed his performances over and over.


Lowell’s latest album “No Turning Back” is available on Amazon, iTunes, and several other platforms!


Additional Info:

Website: https://www.lowellhopper.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lowell-Hopper-Artist-Page-155461881194573

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6v7OnaHSEAOtY1Ib16Chdk?si=-6B7xeGDSyK7AkKZ8-F3kA

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6KdKJl-mEcqQkyRIwrTB8Q



About TEG:

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We help our Artists achieve their music goals through creative marketing and promotions, access to professional services, education, consistent encouragement, and hard work.


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